A Perfect Crime

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One of the best crime fiction novels I've ever read. Though some coincidences in the plot were a bit of a stretch, and the ending was a little more believable and realistic than satisfying, in every other way, character development, page-turning suspense, realism, just enough humor, it's perfect.
Francie is cheating on her husband, and therefore cheating on her lover's wife. Her unemployed husband Roger ineptly tries to improve their marriage, but discovers the affair, begins to plot murder. Even looks into getting an ex-con involved. He's see the lovers and other characters as pieces in a chess game to be manipulated into a result with him as winner. It's something like a Columbo movie as he starts taking steps to set up his plan -- but meanwhile other plot twists and development keep making it more and more interesting . . .
The protagonist has the same first name as me (and he's supposed to be a genius . . . but turns out to be as careless as those Columbo murderers . . . not hard to believe I guess). The steadily evolving situation kept me wanting to read on and find out what happens, more so than almost any other book.

An unfaithful wife. A cheating lover. A loyal friend. A jealous husband. All four lives are manipulated by a sinister mastermind in a vengeful plot about to spin fatally out of control. Written by Stephen King’s favorite American suspense novelist.

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