A Window Into Time

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4.5 stars
Short and sweet. What great fun, and what a lovely chance at seeing life again clearly through the eyes of a gifted young teen with an incredible special talent.

Hamilton's prose is precise and clear, well-constructed to match the mind of his young protagonist. The plot is great fun, with some clever twists, but the hopeful heroism and optimism of our young are clearly on display.

It's lovely to hear Peter's voice again in this too-short novella. I can't wait for #2 in The Fallers.

There is left open a wonderful opportunity for a follow-on: Perhaps other meetings with his granddad, Barney

Teenage Julian has perfect recall, which means he has trouble finding his place in the world. But he really does know his own mind. So when he starts experiencing someone else’s memories, which are also glimpses of the future, Julian realizes he must find out why.

It soon becomes clear that this unmet friend is in danger. And Julian resolves to do everything in his power to track down this mysterious other person – and prevent him from being killed.

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