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This makes Dostoyevski's The Double look like child's play. And the notion of FSR--Finite Subjective Reality makes Inception's Dream Seeding like something commonplace, accessible.
The Chaos/Everett interplay is the most entertaining cabal of schizophrenia I've ever encountered. Jonathan Lethem, without a doubt is a genius, Amnesia Moon is both comic and tragic, funny and heartwarming. And sometimes grotesque too. But so much fun to read. Or listen to, I listened to to the audio book narrated by Scott Sowers. And, yes, a lot of the books enjoyment can be attributed to the narrative prowess of Scott. But this book can hold its own in text form too.
I first discovered Jonathan Lethem through his short story King of Sentences that appeared in The Best American Short Stories 2008. And I've been hooked ever since.
Can't wait to start MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN.

Category: Sci-Fi

In Jonathan Lethem’s wryly funny second novel, we meet a young man named Chaos, who’s living in a movie theater in post-apocalyptic Wyoming, drinking alcohol, and eating food out of cans.

It’s an unusual and at times unbearable existence, but Chaos soon discovers that his post-nuclear reality may have no connection to the truth. So he takes to the road with a girl named Melinda in order to find answers. As the pair travels through the United States they find that, while each town has been affected differently by the mysterious source of the apocalypse, none of the people they meet can fill in their incomplete memories or answer their questions. Gradually, figures from Chaos’s past, including some who appear only under the influence of intravenously administered drugs, make Chaos remember some of his forgotten life as a man named Moon.

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