At the Heart of It

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What can I say about Penny's books other than read them all!!!!! They are some of the best stories I have read.

When this book came out I couldn't wait to read it cause I love all her stories. The drama! It makes me so happy.

Tom Knelston is an aspiring barrister and wants to make something of himself. So he goes into politics to pave his way to be an MP. He does lose sight of himself along the way and hurts people he never intended too but that's what happens when you make poor decisions. He runs into an old friend, Diana Southcott. She is a famous model and has her sights set on her crush. And when they stay in touch over the years, Tom ends up where he wants to be... in her arms, right Diana is a spoiled brat and she basically gets whatever she wants. Except every man she ends up with wants to leave her. She can be too much to handle. She becomes the girl you sleep but don't marry. So she is trying to find herself in her career and love as well. Alicia, Tom's wife, is a saint. She raises Tom's children basically all by herself and she has to face incredible decisions concerning Tom and their marriage.

This book has it all. Love, social issues, betrayal, revenge, affairs, family issues. It's all in there. Her books may look daunting but once you start reading you won't be able to stop.

Love doesn’t stick to the script in this witty romance from USA Today bestselling author Tawna Fenske.

TV producer Kate Geary is in unscripted heaven. She’s piloting a reality series featuring her favorite self-help guru, Dr. Vivienne Brandt. The Dr. Viv – whose nuggets of wisdom helped Kate get through some of her toughest times. Thanks to Dr. Viv, Kate is almost on the verge of figuring everything out. That is, until Jonah Porter, the superhot book nerd Kate just spent an amazing date with, appears at the show’s first meeting.

Jonah did not want to get reeled into a world filled with invasive crews, pushy network execs, and over-the-top drama, but a connection to the story leaves him no choice. Fortunately, Kate – hot, smart, and funny – helps make it bearable. Now they’re both on the verge of violating their contracts as they find themselves sneaking around off set. But the cameras have a way of finding out everyone’s secrets…especially the ones that can break hearts.

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