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The Girl with the Louding Voice by Abi Dare


I loved this book so much I could not stop talking about this and recommending this book! I haven't read a book like this since forever and what a powerful and emotional read this was for me.

What an amazing debut novel by Abi Dare whose writing transported me to Adunni's life, struggles, misfortunes and triumph as well. I loved reading the book in its colloquial voice of Adunni, a fourteen year old Nigerian girl, who was sold into marriage as the third wife to a much older man, who wanted a young wife in order to produce a son.

Abused and mistreated by the first wife, Adunni runs away only to find herself a slave in a wealthy household suffering all forms of abuse. Despite the life she is given, Adunni is determined to live out her dreams of going to school and becoming a teacher one day.

The story of Adunni will break your heart, and mend it right back up. The writing is very easy to read and you will find that you will become attached to Adunni and rooting for her to persevere and win in this life that is so set against her. This book made me laugh, cry, squirm to the point of discomfort and feel the different emotions all in one reading.

Congratulations to Abi Dare for an amazing and successful debut.

I highly recommend this book!!

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