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I'm currently listening to this audiobook; I love Oscar Wilde and wanted to listen to some kind of theatrical adaptation.
I've skipped for now "The Portrait of Dorian Gray", I didn't feel like listening to the dramatisation of the novel, I'd like to reread it first.

So, "Lady Windermere's Fan":

Joely Richardson, who plays Lady Windermere, is very good. The character is quite insufferable, however. Strange, I wasn't so much irked by her personality when I read this play, maybe because I was about her age then, and probably more rigid and full of righteousness ^-^ I just wonder if Oscar Wilde really liked her or just wanted to show how inflexibly could easily rimed with stupidity...

Conversely I'm not convinced by the actor who reads Lord Darlington part (I couldn't find his name) who drawls like an old cowboy! It's so weird, firstly because I always thought this character was youngish, and secondly because this kind of speech seams to me completely wrong to utter quite a lot of famous quotes, witty, self deprecating and wry. The character sounds complacent and boring, un comble! (couldn't find the English equivalent, Word Reference propose "that takes the biscuit" :D)

To be continued :)

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