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****5 + Beautiful Tragic Stars****

A Tragic Wreck was just absolutely AMAZING!!!!! Ms. Leigh did it once again, with her second installment of the Beautiful Mess series, she had me glued to my kindle and devouring this book in one sitting. Seriously, this woman can write one hell of a romantic suspense. All I can say is that A Tragic Wreck should come with a warning label. Literally this book took me on one hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride with so many twists and turns. Personally, I didn't know which way Ms. Leigh was going to pull her readers when it came to Olivia and Alexander. At one point in the book, it felt like I was at the top of the rollercoaster waiting for that big drop that would have me holding onto the edge of my seat since Alexander and Olivia's relationship was at a stage of uncertainty. Once the crazy ride was over, I couldn't wait to re-read this book again and that's how much I loved Tragic Wreck.

A Tragic Wreck picks off where it last left on in A Beautiful Mess, Olivia left Alexander and her friends without telling them where she has ran off to. In her own little bubble in Florida, Olivia is still a beautiful mess. Her fears of getting too close and issues continues to plague and haunt her. Alexander's words of " You always try to stay strong, ignoring the past, but you can't keep it all inside, love. It will destroy you. It will destroy me, too," are exactly why Olivia felt the need to run. In her mind, she didn't want to destroy Alexander with her past and commitment issues. Deep down, she really loved and cared for him and so she felt it was best to cut him loose. What she didn't realize that how hard it was to escape the memory of Alexander. Several hundreds of miles separated them but the love she feels for Mr. Burnham is something that she couldn't deny. Olivia was just going through the motions and just existing till one morning, she was approached by Cameron Bowen. Olivia saw Cam as someone who can possibly ease the pain of her heart and someone to take the edge of her sexual desires to FEEL something. As much as you wanted to hate Cam and tell him to back off, he was a total sweetheart and deeply cared for Olivia

Back in Boston, Alexander Burnham was a mess. Like Olivia, he was just existing. His Olivia left him broken-hearted. The emotional mess Alexander and Olivia goes through really puts the readers on one hell of an emotional wreck. There were times you wanted to snap and yell at Olivia but at the same time, you had to understand her reasoning and fears. When Alexander finally tried to move on with his new love interest, he still couldn't forget Olivia. No matter how much Alexander wanted to forget and move on, Olivia was forever ingrained in his heart and mind. His Olibia. His first love.

As much as Olivia and Alexander tried to forget, they couldn't. In a Beautiful Mess, we learned that Alexander never gave up on his search for Olivia. He had hope that she still was alive. She was the only person who owned his heart completely. In A Tragic Wreck, will fate be kind to Olivia and Alexander again the second time around Will Alexander finally be able to capture the heart of his Eve Will Olivia finally admit her love for Alex and stop running Or will Alex finally take Olivia's advice and move on Or is Olivia destined to be with someone else

I absolutely love Mr. Burnham. He was sweet, domineering, loving, gentle, understanding, protecting, and a total Alpha male. What I truly love about him was that he never gave up on Olivia. He loved her so fiercely and throughout the book you could feel it. Olivia and Alexander's connection was so raw and heartfelt. The magnetic pull they had for each other was so strong that their love was palpable in each scene they interacted. You wanted to cry with Olivia and Alexander when they were at their lowest point.

One word to describe A Tragic Wreck: Captivating!!! This book blew my mind and I loved it. Ms. Leigh is such an amazing talented author. She literally took her readers on a roller-coaster ride of emotions. So many tears were shed when it came to Olivia and Alexander. This couple literally gutted my heart. I felt every ounce of their pain, hurt, heartbreak, love, and happiness. If there was ever a couple that I wholeheartedly rooted for, it would have to be Alexander and Olivia. Each moment they were apart and together, you could feel how much they loved each other. Every song and words exchange were so heartfelt and meaningful. Their connection and bond were so strong that I felt their love was similar to a Chinese proverb called the Red String of Fate. In this proverb, it states " an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place and circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle. But it will never break." I truly believe Alexander and Olivia were fated to meet again and were each other's soul-mates. They were each other's missing piece of their heart. Overall, all I can say is that A Tragic Wreck took my heart, twisted it around, tore it to pieces, and slowly taped it back together.

Lastly, I can't wait for Gorgeous Chaos and I have no doubt that Ms. Leigh will keep her readers on the edge of their seats and holding their breaths as to what will happen to Alexander and Olivia when finally truths and secrets are exposed. I seriously can't wait for this book but at the same time, I'm sad to have the series come to an end since I don't want to say goodbye to Mo, Kiera, Cam, Olivia, and of course Mr. Burnham. So if you haven't read A Beautiful Mess and A Tragic Wreck, I highly recommend you do. You do not want to miss an epic, heartbreaking, beautiful fated romance that will have you yearning for more.

T.K. Leigh

In a bleak future built on virtual reality, Ginn is a romantic who yearns for something real. She designs environments for people who play at being Vikings. But when her project goes awry, she’s stranded in the actual 10th century, on a storybook farm in Viking Iceland.

Heirik is the young leader of his family, honored by the men and women who live on his land. But he is feared and isolated because of a terrible curse. Ginn and Heirik are two people who never thought they would find a home in someone else’s heart.

When forces rise against them to keep them apart, Ginn is called on to decide – will she give up the brutal and beautiful reality of the past? Or will she have the courage to traverse time and become more of a Viking than she ever imagined?

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