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I love it! I LOVE IT!!! Especially the ending. I read it right after i finished she's dating the gangster, and i super enjoyed this book. The cute ending compensated for the lack of a happy ending in she's dating the gangster :p well i know they're not by the same author, but still!! Anyway. Planning to read "the bet" and "8 words...say it and i'm yours".. (Tama ba I'm not sure with the second book's title :p ) soon :D

Narrarated by: Benedict Cumberbatch

Widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest lovers and the original ‘love rat’ or serial polygamist, Giacomo Casanova was a scholar and adventurer as well. It took him 18 years to write these astonishing and often amusing memoirs, which, in turn, took 100 further years to be proved as genuine. Casanova is a magnetic character, and his writing style becomes as appealing when transformed into audio as the man himself was in his time…

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