Cupcakes, Diaries, and Rotten Inquiries

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I wrote it, I love it. But of course, yes

I branched out a little with Diaries and played with a "Bridget Jones Diary" format. Every chapter is written in a "Dear Diary" format. You can get inside the heads of the characters and have some fun with how everyone perceives the situations just a little differently.

I had a blast writing this book, and I hope you all enjoy reading it.


Pamela DuMond

Category: Mystery, Paranormal

Annie Graceland’s a thirty-something-year-old baker with a pinch of psychic ability. She’s empathic – she can feel other people’s lusts and desires in her own body. No biggie if she experiences someone else’s cravings for dark chocolate or a foot massage. But Annie’s recently acquired a spookier skill – she can see and talk to ghosts. And much to her dismay, they also talk to her – nagging her incessantly to solve their murders.

Annie’s former college boyfriend, Mack ‘The Man’ McManus asks to ‘friend’ her on Facebook. Should she accept his request? She’s getting divorced and is happily dating a hot guy – Detective Raphael Campillio. But it’s been years and Mack doesn’t even live in the same town. What could possibly go wrong? She says yes…

Unfortunately, Mack has NO boundaries. He stalks her on FB, sending her photos and non-stop messages. He shows up unexpectedly at her work – he’s in town for a Used Car Convention, and expects her to show him the town, re-kindle their romance – and he won’t take no for an answer!

When Mack is murdered in a manner fitting his profession, his befuddled ghost materializes at Annie’s apartment and won’t leave her side. It’s up to Annie, her BFFs Grady and Julia, and her arch nemesis – the ghost of Dr. Derrick Fuller to solve Mack’s murder, and send him to the light before her Annie’s mother arrives in town for Thanksgiving.

Cupcakes, Diaries, and Rotten Inquiries is written in a Dear Diary ‘Bridget Jones’ style, as the characters reveal their private thoughts, hopes, dreams, and naughty desires.

Will Annie and her friends solve the crime before she loses what little remains of her sanity?

Cupcakes, Diaries, and Rotten Inquiries