Diviner's Prophecy (Diviner, #1)

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Diviner's Prophecy is a book that I truly wished to never set down. This novel is full of intrigue and has left me counting down the hours until the sequel is in my hands. This book takes you to a setting that comes alive with both magic and grace.

Category: Fantasy

The prophecy foretells the rise of evil intent on ruling all the kingdoms. For generations, Maea’s family has met this foe and destroyed it before it could be unleashed. But now the power that her ancestors used to stop it in the past is lost. A sorcerer’s spell has wiped Maea of all her memories, including the prophecy that can save her kingdom.
Maea is trapped at court, controlled by her foster mother who wants to use Maea’s power to see into the future for her own gain. At court, secrets and betrayal are common fare and Maea’s powers give anyone who controls her the advantage. With no one to trust, she can only rely on herself to break the curse. When she meets the charming prince Adair, she thinks he is just another courtier intent on using her. His reputation as a rogue proceeds him, and she has no intention of being his next conquest. But his offer to help her break the curse is too good to be passed up.
Together they uncover a plot that stretches back centuries and centers on Maea’s family. Her quest has thrust Maea into the middle of a struggle for thrones. If she chooses the wrong side, she just may lose her head. With lives on the line, Maea must use her powers to find who to trust before it is too late.

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