Dominance: An Erotic Romance

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Conor Fitzgerald was a broken man, a fact hidden from the casual observer. Outwardly, he was a true Dominant. After his wife died, he made it his mission to heal sexually broken women in a desperate attempt to do for them what he couldn't do for his wife. What he didn't realize was that through the simple act of helping others he was also helping himself. Deep emotional feeling was unlocked after years of holding it inside. Read this journey of discovery as Conor finally closes one chapter of his life so he can start a new one free from the guilt that held him emotionally trapped for years.

This is a fantastic emotional journey filled with love, sacrifice, and mystery, which will leave you satisfied well after turning the last page. The journey of Conor is one that many emotionally broken people have traveled. This author has once again captured the essence of the human soul and laid it out in a masterfully told tale of love, loss, and most importantly, healing. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes hot and heavy romance filled with self-discovery and emotional response.

Wealthy Conor Fitzgerald’s secret life as a BDSM Dom is complex, motivated by a desperate need for redemption. Since he couldn’t prevent the tragedy that befell his late wife, he’s determined to help as many other women as he can-both in and out of the bedroom. On this passionate mission, he works with a friend whose sexual intimacy issues caused her to attempt suicide; with a young woman so uncomfortable in her body that she considers herself worthless; and with a victim of the same monster who brutalized his wife. In his quest to help them, can Conor also solve the mystery surrounding his lost love’s fate and learn to forgive himself in the process? A moving erotic romance for adult audiences.


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