Down a Dark Hall

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Kit Gordy was accepted into Blackwood boarding school and she was really looking forward to it when she thought her best friend Tracy would be accepted as well. But Tracy wasn't accepted and as much as Kit tried to get out of going, she couldn't.
Kit's mom and stepfather are going away on their honeymoon, but before they leave, they take Kit to Blackwood themselves. Kit isn't thrilled about going and when they actually arrive, Kit does not want to be there. She thinks the place feels strange. There is something not right about it, something . . . evil.
But to make her mom happy, Kit says that she will be happy there and she really tries. At first things are okay, it's not as bad as she thought, but when the weird dreams start and other strange things, Kit knows something is not right about Blackwood.

One word for this book is 'intense'. You turn each page, reading and eager to find out what happens next. Like Kit, you want to know what exactly is going on. What is wrong with this boarding school Why can't she get the answers she wants
It was a wonderful suspense book with a great story and a nice cast of characters, even the ones who are the bad guys.

Why does the exclusive boarding school Blackwood have only four students?

Kit walks the dark halls and feels a penetrating chill. What terror waits around the next corner?

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