Duke of Manhattan

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Having one taste to the Manhattan series is something that will have you diving for more in this compelling and enticing love story

As a member to inherit a position that requires certain aspects of your life to alter, Ryder has managed to captivate all of them in this enamoring love story, along side Scarlett, the bombshell beauty that captivated him the moment they first met. However, before he encounters with Scarlett, his problems take into an appreciation that he must not only become the Duke of Fairfax, but he needs to find a Duchess to be next to him. At first, it was all about a one night moment, however, things get matched together when it comes down to work, and Ryder and Scarlett are bound to come to an agreement of some sorts that benefits both of them in scenarios that make this story seem cliche, but at the same time unique with the way Louise Bay goes around it with her catalysts.

To Ryder's eyes, Scarlett is not only a woman with beautiful physical assets that attract him much so, but, she is also a women with a smart head that breaks the wall of any sort of women he has interacted in the past. Being a man who travels from New York to Europe and vise versa, he has found a way to captivate himself with her knowledge and beauty;
"New York was full of user-sophisticated women. Scarlett looked like one of them but she was fresh and unsullied somehow. She just said exactly what she was thinking, without second guesses. I liked it."

To make things believable to the the outside world that does not know the truth about their relationship, is something that both Ryder and Scarlett do not have a problem with. That is how strong their chemistry is, both physically and emotionally. They compel each other and enamor each other with knowledge of any sorts that bring a huge contributing factor of attraction as well. Their physical attraction is indeed a huge factor that brings some sort of problem and is shaky in the beginning. However, they both learn that they cannot fight it. Ryder learns her kinks, and Scarlett learns his likings on and off the bedroom.

Overall, Louise Bay has once again brought a story that will keep you wanting more and more to this series. I hope the next book is the love story of Violet, since she needs a hubby as well along side with this group of Manhattan peeps!

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Hero rating: 5.0
Heroine rating: 5.0
Sexual tension rating: 5.0
Sex scenes rating: 5.0
Sex scenes frequency: 5.0
Plot rating: 5.0
Dialogue rating: 5.0
Storytelling rating: 5.0
Story ending rating: 5.0

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I was born into British aristocracy, but I’ve made my fortune in Manhattan. New York is now my kingdom.

Back in Britain my family are fighting over who’s the next Duke of Fairfax. The rules say it’s me–if I’m married. It’s not a trade-off worth making. I could never limit myself to just one woman.
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Or so I thought until my world is turned upside down. Now, the only way I can save the empire I built is to inherit the title I’ve never wanted – so I need a wife.

To take my mind off business I need a night that’s all pleasure. I need to bury myself in a stranger.

The skim of Scarlett King’s hair over my body as she bends over . . .

The scrape of her nails across my chest as she screams my name . . .

The bite of her teeth on my shoulder just as we both reach the edge . . .

It all helps me forget.

I just didn’t bargain on finding my one night stand across the boardroom table the next day.

She might be my latest conquest but I have a feeling Scarlett King might just conquer me.

A sexy, standalone romance.

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