Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined

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i've literally never heard of this book and i stumbled upon it while looking for 'underrated contemporaries' and GOSH DAMMIT IS THIS BOOK SO FRICKEN UNDERRATED

- basically its about a snarky, angry, hurt girl who is embarking on this 3 week wilderness camp for 'troubled teens' and she ain't too happy to be there
- it switches flips between two time periods, the "before" briefly narrating and exploring her life as a child of an opera singer (i thought that was SO COOL) through her mother's careers and their travels up until the moment when (& why) she accepted going on the wilderness trip/camp/thingy
- the main character has SUCH a great sense of humour, there were genuine laugh at loud moments amidst the challenges, need to survive, and the natural humiliations that come with.......no flushed toilets or running water
- during the camp, we got to see a lot of characterization of the other 'troubled teens' and view an insight into their lives and the specific issues theyre dealing with
- i love how each of the characters had voices and how they all start somewhere and end up SO MUCH stronger and more capable and confident at the end
- depression is a main theme of the novel. the main character's mother is seen to have suffered from it while the mc was a child & later in her teen years and then the mc is faced with overcoming it as well
- i thought it was handled really well and really brings a lot of discussions on it as well as having a realistic portrayal
- issac was the cutest little bean (view spoiler)[until he pulled the crap he pulled and got written out of my good graces.........and then i maybe forgave him in the end damn me (hide spoiler)]
- I LOVED HOW he wasn written off as a character for the mistakes he committed in his past. for the actions that he literally committed in 10th grade but also it was waved off as 'hes-just-being-a-boy-its-okay'
- like he had to earn back the trust he broke and i thought that was so fantastic to see in YA
- he's so realistically flawed and genuine and fjdkajflkajlfdakljalfjddldakdjddlka
- thats that on that
- the writing is captivating. i started and could not put the book down bc i was just so immersed in the story and the adventures and the excitement and the sorrows
- the relationship they share is so wholesome and precious i literally died at all their scenes and prayed he wasn't going to pull a fast one on anyone bc he's literally a gem of a father and i want to lie down and sob again
- also im making this sound like its all fun and games but you literally become so attached to the characters that you dont realize when the last 50 paged punches you in the throat and you can't stop crying

so my friends, stop giving into the idea that this is a underrated contemporary and give it the damn love it deserves

***Genre: Young Adult Fiction: Contemporary (YA/Teen)

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