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Before there can be a beginning, there must first be an end.

It was a sad day for fans when Anne Elisabeth declared she must pause the Tales of Goldstone Wood series for a few seemed new journeys into the Between were at an end, at least for a time. But lo and behold, a new beginning awaited! The first book of a four part series set WITHIN Goldstone Wood.not part of the series itself, but part of the very same world. So what joy, what excitement!

For me, it did not disappoint. True, the style of writing is a shade differentthe plot takes its own sweet time in building up pace, and description can feel a bit repetitive at times. When I say the description is repetitive, I do not mean that it uses the same descriptions over and over, but that she finds a new and unique way to depict something. And that is a power all of its own as it creates a reality of mortal worlds and faerie horrors with high skill and grounded knowledge.

As always with Anne Elisabeth's writings, if you know history or culture, you may recognize the inspired geniusapparently a certain important element in this book is directly inspired from a freakish ballet called "Le Sacre du primtempts." Who knew I sure wouldn't have without being told by a friend. But even if you don't know what Anne Elisabeth may be using as reference, you can just feel the authenticity.

I think, perhaps, this plot is more confusing than previous Goldstone novelsboth the cause and cure of the faerie curse is very complex, but really, what else can we expect from the fey kind Don't worry, if you are patient, your questions will be answered when all is said and done. This book is an excellent example of the art of withholding information from the reader to create mystery and suspense.

And the characters! Oh the characters! Heloise may be a little difficult at first for some people, being a headstrong young teenage girl (much like Meirda from Brave, actually), but she truly has excellent development through this book. And Benedict! My! He starts off seemingly simple, and oh, how much he hides! Such a sweetheart, such a knight, such a tragedy. *excuse me as I go sniffle, snork, and blow my nose* Then there is a sylph. We've had sylph in the tales before, but this sylph is the BEST EVER. Cutest little stinker, I would hug it if sylphs could be hugged.

Then there is the Family of Night. Very. Interesting. And disturbing. And more complicated than at first impressions. And above all, readers of Goldstone Wood have heard of them before. Or at least of one member or two.

This is the beginning of a great thing for fantasy or fairy-tale readers. Three more books await, so take heart and prepare to continue the journey! If you are have wandered the Wood before, prepare to be swept off on a sylph wind as you return to the Between you love and encounter loved ones and new faces alike! If you are new, perhaps seeking a retelling of Twelve Dancing Princessesyou will find a beautiful and unique versionand so. much. more.

In 2010, one of the most grisly discoveries in Texas history was made. Numerous body parts and human remains were found on an abandoned farm near San Antonio. Very little information was made public, until now. Eddie Mason is a family man. But his is not your typical family. With a wife at home who belittles and ridicules him at every turn, he has sought other means of satisfaction. With his teenage daughter Brandi, and small son Jeffrey, he teaches them the most horrifying of rituals. Using his kids as bait, Eddie captures his victims and takes his children on a journey of torture, cannibalism and mayhem. Learn what the Masons do on Family Night.

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