Freak the Mighty (Freak The Mighty #1)

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Freak the Mighty is a tear jerking story about two total opposites that become best friends. The 2 main characters, Max and Kevin a.k.a Freak the Mighty lead amazing unpredictable lives, they went on quests and fought dragons. The book is very good, the action really ramps up toward the end leading to a sad but satisfying ending. The ending is satisfying because once you've finished the book you immediately realize that you have just read something that you will always remember as one of the best books you've read in your life. This book taught me that I must value my friends and live life to the fullest I love this story.

Two boys – a slow learner stuck in the body of a teenage giant and a tiny Einstein in leg braces – forge a unique friendship when they pair up to create one formidable human force. A wonderful story of triumph over imperfection, shame, and loss.

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