Garden of Goodbyes

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Faith Andrews delivered what some will be hesitate to pick up type of story if they are spoiler whores and have some limits to their reading expeditions. For those who love spoilers please note that this book does include cheating, drug use, and not your typical hea. That being said, I inhaled this story from the first pages as the story is told in dual povs of sisters; Eden and Violet and the love of one football quarterback named Lennox Dean.

The writing is phenomenal, the storyline never lost its pace, as Faith Andrews wrote one of the best books of 2017. She skillfully takes you from present to past as she shows why Eden is being asked by Violet to return home to implore Lennox to seek help for his drug addiction.

"Please let this work. Please, Eden, have mercy on us even though we don't deserve it."

There are so many heartbreaking aspects to the story as Eden and Lennox dated for years they were one another's forevers and until her sister Violet became his sexual and drug partner. The deceit, the crush on Eden's behalf was so well written as was her sister's jealously and desire for Lennox.

"It was her name he whispered when he was so drunk he couldn't stand. It was her face he saw in his drug-induced dreams. I knew this because it was her name that slipped from his lips when he cried out in agony for someone to save him. It was never me."

Eden returns home the past three years she has held onto her hate at both Lennox and Violet yet her love for Lennox and her shock at how far he has fallen breaks her heart.

"His voice didn't match his appearance. It was familiar, laced with tenderness I could never forget. But his eyes - red - rimmed and glazed over - held the truth. He was a strung-out stranger."

Through the present/past chapters Lennox's downfall and his and Violet's betrayal will rip a reader's heart out.

"I'm your sister, Violet! Your only fucking sister! Please don't do this to me. I'll do anything for you if you leave him - leave us - alone."

The story illustrates the horror of drug use while also hitting on so many emotions within both sisters perfectly. The characters are flawed, the ending worked perfectly, and the story as a whole left me in one hell of a book hanger over.

"You owe me nothing, not even your tears. Forgive me, my love, my one and only."

When I closed the door on my past I didn’t expect it to come back and haunt me. I was appalled when she called for my help, but she swore I was the one person who could save him – the only man I’ve ever loved. The man she stole from me.

She’s to blame for the mess of a man he’s become, but I’m to blame for walking away. Anything good has been long forgotten. In its place is destruction, devastation and enough regret to last a lifetime. I came in hopes of making things right. But I never expected this. A broken man, a hopeless future, the beginning of the end. Maybe between the two of us, we can save the man who owns our hearts.

Loss, betrayal, addiction. Mix them together and the concoction will ruin you.

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