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Really powerful, well-written book. Just when I thought this book would be another coming-of-age/family deals with grief novel, Francine Prose had some great tricks up her sleeve. Terrific characters and the whole story was very compelling, plus the backdrop of Mirror Lake and the small town they lived in were really evocative.

After the sudden death of her beloved older sister, thirteen-year-old Nico finds her life on New England’s idyllic Mirror Lake irrevocably altered. Left alone to grope toward understanding, she falls into a seductive, dangerous relationship with her sister’s boyfriend. Over one haunted summer, Nico faces that life-changing moment when children realize their parents can no longer help them as she experiences the mystery of loss and recovery. Still, for all the darkness at its heart, Goldengrove is radiant with the lightness of summer and charged by the restless sexual tension of adolescence.

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