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For some dumb reason, I've been reading Sue Grafton's wonderful alphabet mystery series out of order. At any rate, A is what got them all started, and it's a corker of a story. I like Kinsey: tough, relentless, and empathetic. Hopefully, I'll return to the series very soon. They're addictive in a marvelous way.

Category: Sci-Fi

Manchester, 2025. Local mechanic Sol steals old vehicles to meet the demand for spares. But when Sol’s partner impulsively jacks a luxury model, Sol finds himself caught up in a nightmarish trans-dimensional human trafficking conspiracy.

Hidden in the stolen car is a voiceless, three-armed woman called Y. She’s had her memory removed and undertaken a harrowing journey into a world she only vaguely recognises. And someone waiting in the UK expects her delivery at all costs.

Now Sol and Y are on the run from both Y’s traffickers and the organisation’s faithful products. With the help of a dangerous triggerman and Sol’s ex, they must uncover the true, terrifying extent of the trafficking operation, or it’s all over.

Not that there was much hope to start with.

A novel about the horror of exploitation and the weight of love, Graft imagines a country in which too many people are only worth what’s on their price tag.

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00 - Intro

01 - Y

02 - Chapter One

03 - Y

04 - Chapter Two

05 - Y

06 - Chapter Three

07 - Y