Her Own Place – Dori Sanders

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This was a delightful book in which little happened,except the life of one black woman in the South, which is to say that everything happens. Her life is not exceptionally tragic or exceptionally eventful, but it is an honest, human life that illustrates the Shakespeare quote: "The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together." I have never been disappointed in a book published by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. They publish many writers who would otherwise be overlooked. I look forward to reading more of Dori Sanders' work.

Category: Romance

Dori Sanders’ first novel, Clover (RB# 94346), won her the coveted Lillian Smith Award, a Walt Disney movie option, and an appearance on NBC’s Sunday Today. Now her eagerly awaited second novel takes her readers to rural South Carolina again for a gentle and wise look at the lives of everyday people, black and white. The only child of tenant farmers, Mae Lee Barnes marries young and saves her wages from the munitions factory to buy a farm. When her husband returns from World War II, he can’t keep a job, disappears for weeks at a time, and finally leaves Mae Lee alone to raise five children and run the farm. Being the proud and indomitable woman that she is, Mae Lee transforms her life through the years to meet the vagaries of fortune and the changing times. A perfect blend of comedy and pathos, Her Own Place is a journey of mind and heart. The talent of narrator Kim Staunton makes it a story to be savored and enjoyed.

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