House of Ravens (The Nightfall Chronicles #2)

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Holy. Mother***!! What was THIS

Try an intense and amazing whirlwind of a story. It truly hits you right in the feels because dammit, I feel like I just got shoved off a roller coaster of awesome.

So our heroine, Scarlett, has really matured in this book and it is breathtaking. Her ability to love and find love again, but also fight to reconcile her dual identities is just amazing. She made some grave mistakes that had me crying all over my reader but... But it made sense.

You dont know what you're missing guys!! The authors have done it again; created a story of the Nephilim and war that is compelling. Plot twists after plot twist will leave you breathless and picking your jaw off the floor because dammit, this was pure joy to read.

The plot twists make sense. The story makes sense. EVERYTHING happens for a reason!

Lastly I would like to rave about Kai. Because I was so freaken happy she got over Jax and they were PERFECT together. I honestly hope she doesn't go back to Jax because I stand by what I said earlier, Zorin is yummy! But alas, I'm not sure if he is actually interested... It's complicated okay But shit hit the proverbial fan when no one was ready.

Go read this book, dammit. You don't know what you're missing!

USA TODAY bestselling author Karpov Kinrade defied genre convention with Court of Nightfall. Now, they continue the epic saga of Scarlett Night, a rebel torn between two identities, in House of Ravens. **Includes bonus novella, Night of Nyx You think you know the path to victory? Then tell me how you’ll win. Will you buy triumph with gold and favors? Will you marshal armies and trade in blood? Or will you be the hand in the dark, your fingers on the strings? Whatever you decide, know this. If you put the innocent at risk… You will answer to me. I am the keeper of secrets and the teller of lies. I am the shadow of death and the bringer of light. I will become a Knight of the First. And the Orders will crumble.

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