Kenneth Grahame – The Reluctant Dragon

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Kenneth Grahame, best known for his rollicking The Wind in the Willows, wrote this beautiful short story in 1898, and it's a classic that simply doesn't age. In this time of COVID-19, Audible made quite a few of its children's books available for free, and I took advantage and listened to Anton Lesser's flawless narration. A silver lining to this dark, dark cloud.

What would you do if you discovered a dragon living in a cave on a hill above your home? Make friends, read poetry together? It turns out that not all dragons are intent on pillaging the countryside. Some might actually enjoy peace, quiet, and the occasional banquet. The Boy of this story knows how to handle dragons, and life is good… until a knight in shining armor arrives in town to exterminate his friend! It doesn’t matter that it’s a “good” dragon – rules are rules, you know!

The Reluctant Dragon