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This showstopper earned five glittery and blindingly bright gold stars from me. On Second Thought, Kate and Ainsley deserve them all; every single shining beauty you can see when you're far away from the lights of the city and take the time to gaze up in wonder at the night sky. That awe-inspiring feeling that miraculous sight stirs up is akin to my feelings for these easy to adore characters and their all too relatable story.

Only three books in to her extensive backlist and Kristan Higgins has proved to me her style is untouchable. Her signature way of combining hilarious inner-thoughts, witty banter, undeniable chemistry and a loveable cast of characters, all while making their issues and lives feel relatable, tugs on my soul. Writing with this much heart and depth is why I'm such an ardent reader.

What I didn't expect going in was to be gutted, like a fish. I'm talking ripped from sternum to belly button, leaving my beating heart and pile of guts exposed and vulnerable. Pushing forty, Kate finally has everything she's always wanted, well almost. Four months into her marriage, and armed with a stash of pregnancy tests, she loses Nathan, the one person she thought she would have forever with. What happens to him is devastating and humbling in all its simplicity.

Her younger sister, Ainsley, on the other hand, has only ever loved one man and she's eagerly awaiting that one special question. Fresh off his battle with cancer, her guy, Eric has one heck of an ego and loses touch with what's important in life. After eleven years, he decides to "live life large" and it's a journey he needs to do solo. . . meaning no Ainsley and no diamond. What did she ever see in him anyway

The BIG beating heart of the story, for me, was the connection the half-sisters cultivated in their mutual devastation. There's nothing like finding someone that truly gets what you're going through, on some level, or the bonds of sisterhood. There was also a great life lesson mixed in-we never see ourselves the way other people do, so don't go making assumptions.

The two men that nab Kate and Ainsley post-heartbreak aren't too shabby. Honestly, I can't decide who I loved more-Daniel, the hot firefighter, or buttoned-up Jonathan-both were chock-full of surprise. The way things unfold is heartbreaking, but still sprinkled with charm, plenty of humor and that all important natural ease. And the cherry on top of the sundae . . . the achingly sweet conclusion. Another Kristan Higgins ending that incited a resounding aww from this reader.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, Cambry-on-Hudson! This story takes place in the same classy little town as If You Only Knew, meaning we get a few glimpses of one of my favorite couples. J + L = Bliss *wink*

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