Kurt Vonnegut – Cat’s Cradle

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In the book "Cats Cradle", Kurt Vonnegut uses discreet humor, irony and his own made up religion, Bokononism to illustrate how science is both helpful and harming. His writing can be confusing to young readers considering his complex references. I ended the book with the realization that a crazy idea formed by a capable and credited person can have the power to demolish the aspects of life as we look at it.

The narrorator of the book, John is in the process of writing a book titled, The Day the World Ended. This book is about the day the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and in order to write it, John needs to do research on Felix Hoenikker who was one of the scientist involved with the atomic bomb. This book really made realize how though science is extremely helpful, credible, and has advanced society in many ways it also has been used to its advantage to cause the worst days in history. The narrator's perspective is what reveals the cruelty that has been done through the knowledge of science. This book would be favored by those who enjoy the different directions that science can go along with authentic humor and strong writing by remarkable Kurt Vonnegut.


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