Light from the Dark

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I love a good fairy tale. I'm not ashamed to tell you that I have, in fact, seen (and own most of) every Disney movie out there. So when my one of my fave authors known for drama, steam, and angst remakes a head-in-the-clouds fairy tale, I'm in.

Here's the thing with this book. We have these two broken beyond recognition characters-I mean, seriously tortured-who find one another when they are fairly lost themselves. What I like so much about them is that they both hold characteristics of the individual characters, Beauty and the Beast. Neither is wholly pure while the other is growly and traumatized. These guys, in true Mercy form, are introduced during fairly low points in their lives, or at least with those low points haunting them. I adore Kit and his voice, by the way. Cracks me up. But they're not all black moods and hard lives. Kit is a snarky, sarcastic mess most of the time but he's still got this innocent, virginal air about him. And Micah where he wants to be moody, can't help but cave to pretty much anything Kit wants. And oh, how he caves. He's got this amazing soft side that's completely plush. I just adore them both.

And the story. Gah! I have to say, the mystery is so good. Like addicting. Who is stalking Kit and why Then Kit's own personal mystery or demons or whatever you want to call it. Why he acts the way he does. The way Mercy handles these subjects are lovely and heartbreaking at the same time. And the poor Micah and his past with his job and ex-lover. God, this is a good book.

Light from the Dark is exciting and sexy and fun. Angst mixed with humor. Sex appeal mixed with drama. It's a great balance and I loved it.

Highly Recommended

***Genre: Adult Fiction: Romance, M M Romance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary, Mystery, Disability, Abuse, Military, (Glbt) (MM)

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