Lover Avenged (Black Dagger Brotherhood #7)

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"It's simple. I don't think you should date anyone." Rehv moved in even closer, until he could see the flecks of gold in her eyes. "But I'm not just anyone."

Wow! I think I've found my new favorite BDB book!!!!! (Besides Z's, he will ALWAYS be #1)
My first read was great, I loved it, but it didn't stand out from the others. On my second read... Amazing!! One of my favorite books EVER, not just the BDB! It's totally surprising considering Rehv and the nasty business with his blackmailer, but I SOOO loved him! I loved the whole book! All the side characters were amazing! (except Lash, stupid moronic idiot who needs to DIE, ASAP!!!!!)
Anyway :D Loved it!!!

The story

With most of the glymera dead or hidden, there is a fight for power in the vampire world between those who are left behind, and their main obstacle is their king, Wrath.
Only four Brothers are left that are able to fight, which forces Wrath to get back on the streets and do some fighting on his own, even though it's forbidden because he is King.
Rehvenge is approached by a council member who wants to eliminate Wrath.
He has to deal with his club, his monthly visit to his blackmailer, his "illness" that needs more and more treatments, and now he has to decide where his loyalties lie.
One night at the clinic, waiting for his dopamine shots, he talks with "his" nurse, Ehlena :)
She isn't afraid of Rehv like all the others are, and is intrigued by him, but she knows that they are from two totally different worlds, so she refuses him when his flirtations get too high.
When Rehv's past and double life threaten the people he loves, he will be forced to make a difficult decision...

All I know is, life is too short not to come back here and be with you like this again. Life is just too short, and I like being with you too much for me to give a crap about anything other than having another moment like this."
Rehvenge's chest swelled as he stared at her. "Ehlena"
"Don't take this the wrong way."
She drew in a deep breath and he saw her bare shoulders tighten. "Okay. I'll try not to."
"You keep showing up here Being who you are" There was a pause. "I'm going to fall in love with you."

The story - Loved it! It was dark, it was f-ed up, emotional and full of surprises, with some action as well... Just fantastic :)))
The Brotherhood was forced to make some changes, as well as Wrath. We get to see into Rehv's universe, how it all works, and what he must do to protect his own.
The battle in the end was great, left with a little cliffie for the next book.

The characters - Even though this is Rehv's book, this one is focused on two more couples, Wrath/Beth and John/Xhex. They don't get THAT much page time, but they're there and we see their relationships progressing, some forward, some backwards.
Wrath/Beth - Wrath has been going out fighting alone, without anyone's knowledge, and that's something that will drive them apart when Beth finds out :((( He is dealing with headaches and (view spoiler)[loss of vision (hide spoiler)], and later on the attempt of murder by the council.
Loved how it all went down, I felt bad for Wrath and his adapting to the inevitable, but in the end, it really worked :))))
John/Xhex - Ahh they have some tough times, those two :((( John just goes through one bad thing after another, and in the end, he breaks. It was so difficult to read, especially the scene (view spoiler)[after she leaves him and he realises that he's always been alone and that he doesn't want any more suffering :((( He pretty much turns emotionless, (hide spoiler)] and I totally felt bad for him.
Tohrment - he's practically a living corpse. He doesn't want to get better and live, even with all the support from his fellow Brothers, John and Lassiter.
The moment when he starts to "wake up"... Loved it.
iAm and Trez - I don't know if they'll have their books or not, but we did learn more about them in this book, and I really wouldn't mind reading more ehehehehheeh
Muhrder - is mentioned as Xhex's ex, but if I remember correctly, there'll be some more of him in one of the next books

The cliffie - It has nothing to do with the main couple, so don't worry, they get their HEA just fine :)
It's more of an intro into the next book, so my suggestion is, have Lover Mine prepared when you read this one! You'll want to jump right at it after you're done :))))

"He seemed so fragile as he gave himself up to her, and she realized that if anyone tried to hurt him, even though he could more than take care of himself, she would commit murder. To protect him, she would kill.
The conviction was as solid as the bones beneath her skin:
Even the powerful needed protection sometimes."

Ehlena is a nurse who works at Havers' clinic. She's known Rehv for some time, but has always avoided him. It takes one night of outrageous flirting from Rehv, and she can't get him out of her head.
That of course, is not a good thing for Ehlena, because they're from totally different worlds, she is poor and looking after her sick father, while Rehv is rich, and part of the highest aristocracy.
She doesn't want anything to do with him, but can't help but be worried when she realises his wounds are infected.
After deciding to help him get better, even if it's something he doesn't want, she goes to his flat and they have dinner.
Soon after that, they get closer and closer, and eventually fall in love <3

"She was lonely, too, and in the same way he was.
Her emotional grid had the same footprint his did, Xhex's did, and Trez's and iAm's did: Her feelings were surrounded by the disconnected void of someone separated from her tribe. Living among others, but essentially apart from it all. A shutout, a castaway, one who had been expelled."

She goes to my list of favorite females from this series :)))
I really really liked her, and the surprising thing is, she's totally normal!
She isn't a kick-ass, and doesn't have a personality that jumps out of a page, but I liked her for the person she was, and just by the fact that she and Rehv complement each other perfectly.
They are the same, both are lonely, and looking at life from the outside, both wanting something more but they know they can't get it.
She constantly thinks she's not good enough for Rehv, and he does the same thing with her :D
Just have to say, my favorite scene with her is that quote just below her name, when she's all protective of Rehv. Totally loved it, because he needs someone like that in his life, he's always done the protecting, and at a terrible cost :(
The ending... Well I kinda get that it would all be a shock and that a normal person would react that way, but still I felt worse for Rehv :(
When she came to the Brotherhood mansion... awesome! She showed she had a stronger side of her character and what she was willing to do for Rehv.

"God, there were not enough showers in the world for him to be clean enough to talk to Ehlena. Not enough soap or bleach or steel wool. As he pictured her in her pristine nurse's uniform, her strawberry blond hair back in a neat ponytail, her white shoes unscuffed, he knew that if he ever touched her he'd stain her for life."

Rehvenge has a dark secret that he must hide from everyone, and that costs him every month. His blackmailer demands payment in rubies and sex in order to keep quiet.
He hates the times when he has to whore himself for her silence, but he loves the fact that he can hurt her that way.
The monthly visits are slowly eating him away, making him sick, and Rehv's lost the will to live, he is indifferent to everything that happens to him, until he meets Ehlena.
She wants to make him better, even though he has no intention of healing himself.
He is forced to take dopamine every day, to keep his other side from appearing, and that leaves him without any sense of touch or feeling in his body at all.
He starts a relationship with Ehlena, even though he can't have sex while he's on medication, but to pleasure her is enough for him.
When there's a threat to those he loves, he is forced to make a tough call :(

"No." She couldn't see him like this. Shit, she couldn't see him ever again. He was filthy. A filthy, dirty whore who let someone he hated touch him and suck on him and use him, and force him to do the same to her.

Love. Him.
Definitely one of my favorite BDB characters!
For me, the whole thing with the princess was UBER-disturbing!!!
It just feels like rape, and Rehv's the one being raped, even though he's the one doing the f*cking.
Terrible scenes, and afterwards when he breaks down :((( the shower and everything :(((
So, so, so tough to read!
His moments with Ehlena are almost the only pure ones he has in his life, and he constantly feels like he'll contaminate her and make her dirty if she's with him.
The dinner scene... That was so lovely! He was sweet and flirty and I just loved him there :)
The smexy times were great even though there weren't that many between them :(
Now, the tough scenes... I cried a couple of times :(
First when he made the tough decision! That was so sad to read, (view spoiler)[watching him saying goodbye :(((( (hide spoiler)]
And after that, the scene with the (view spoiler)[bugs (hide spoiler)]! Oh! My! God!!!!! Terrible!!!!
The ending... Yep cried a bit there too! Very emotional!!!!
So yeah. Don't know what more to say except, I totally and utterly love Rehvenge <3

"I'm not into that either." Oh, not at all. He was a whore with standards-kinky crap was okay only if you were forced into it. Fuck the consensual shit V and his mate were into. Yeah, 'cuz that was just wrong.
Christ, he was beneath her.

My favorite quotes from other characters:

God, how he hated the lonely look on her face. "You can't know how sorry I am."
Beth reached up and touched his jaw. "I hear it in your voice."
He took her hand and placed it over his heart. "I'm nothing without you."
"Not true." She stepped out of his hold. "You are the king. No matter who your shellan is, you are everything."
"You know," he said, "this is why I love you so much."
Her tone was heartbreakingly warm. "What do you mean"
"You don't ask me to go inside because it's cold. You just want to make it easier for me to be where I want to stand."

"You're okay, Qhuinn, you know that. You're tight."
She clapped him on the shoulder, then headed for her office thinking the king had been smart in the choice of ahstrux nohstrum for John. Qhuinn was a perverted fucker, but he was a straight-up killer, and she was glad he was the one watching her boy.
Watching John Matthew, she meant.
Because he wasn't her boy. In the slightest.

Just as Xhex winced and went to leave, he looked up into the security camera. Whether he knew it was there or whether that was just where his eyes ended up, it was hard to know.
Shit. His face was grim, his jaw set hard, his stare soulless in a way that saddened her.
Xhex tried not to see the change in him for what it was and failed. She had done this to him. Maybe she wasn't the only reason he'd turned to stone, but she was a big part of it.
He looked away.
She turned away.
As he got to the door, he looked at her for the first time (view spoiler)[since she'd left him in her bed (hide spoiler)]. There was no flicker of recognition or memory or anything in his face. The blue stare that had once sparkled was now opaque.
"John" Her voice cracked slightly. "I'm really sorry."
With deliberate care, he extended his middle finger at her and left.

"I was worried you weren't coming home," Tohr said loudly.
Qhuinn and Blay halted. Rhage and Lassiter shut up. Mary's and Rhoda's voices filled the void.
John barely paused as he signed,

This isn't home. It's a house. And I need a place to stay.

"Off to the left, a glowing Oscar statue of a guy stood tall in combats, his blond-and-black hair making him look like an eighties headbanger looking for a backup band. Lassiter the fallen angel didn't seem any less fierce than the Brothers, however. Maybe it was his piercings. Or the fact that his eyes were all white. Fuck it, the guy's vibe was just hard-core."

I want Lassiter's book. ASAP!!!!!!!!!

Caldwell, New York, has long been the battleground for the vampires and their enemies, the Lessening Society. It’s also where Rehvenge has staked out his turf as a drug lord and owner of a notorious night club that caters to the rich and heavily armed. His shadowy reputation is exactly why he’s approached to kill Wrath, the Blind King and leader of the Brotherhood.

Rehvenge has always kept his distance from the Brotherhood-even though his sister is married to a member, for he harbors a deadly secret that could make him a huge liability in their war against the lessers. As plots within and outside of the Brotherhood threaten to reveal the truth about Rehvenge, he turns to the only source of light in his darkening world, Ehlena, a vampire untouched by the corruption that has its hold on him-and the only thing standing between him and eternal destruction.

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