Mai Tai’d Up (Cocktail #4)

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*****4.5 Ring a Ding Ding Stars*****
{BR with Mel, Dee, Sharon, and Wendy}

Alice Clayton, have I told you I loved you lately!!
Seriously, you and I need to be BFFs!! I just want to hang out with you and you can tell me stories all day long!

I just ADORED this one! It had the right mix of the funny, the sexy, and the angst. It is pretty much a guarantee that when I pick up a book written by this lady, that I am going to have a big old smile on my face and will be falling in love with the main characters! I really liked both MCs. Chloe is an ex beauty pageant winner and has always done what was expected of her. You may remember her from "Screwdrivered". She is Clark's cousin. In the beginning of the book, she's about to get married to the "Perfect" man, but she's having a serious case of cold feet. She runs out on her wedding the morning of. Then later moves into her father's beautiful ranch home in Monterey. Ahh, beautiful Northern California!! A perfect setting for this story!

While in Monterey, she connects up with an old contact who runs a Pit Bull rescue and rehabilitation organization. He's familiar with her involvement with therapy dogs and asks her to help him open up and run a new center in her new hometown. He tells her to hook up with a Veterinarian that he knows in town who would be able to help her get set up. When she goes to the veterinary hospital to talk with Dr Campbell, she ends up meeting his gorgeous son, Lucas, who is also a vet at the hospital. These two exchanged flirty glances at a local restaurant the previous night.

Sparks immediately start flying, but what a coincidence, both of them have recently suffered from broken engagements. Their situations are so eerily similar and Chloe ends up withholding certain truths from Lucas. They enter into an easy friendship, and I enjoyed the extremely slow build to the hot & steamy!!

The author paints a beautiful picture of the Northern California backdrop and the ranch sounds wonderfully retro. Don't even get me started on the music! I adore the American Standards like my Bestie. You'll always catch me listening to the songs of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald! I LOVED that these two were always listening to this music as well! The fact that our main characters were dog lovers, was just another aspect of the story that appealed to me.

We wait a VERY LONG time for the sexy times to commence and honestly I do believe it was WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!! There are a couple of moments that we get the angst as well, but I believe a good story needs a bit of angst in it. It makes the HEA even more enjoyable!!

My only issue is that there was no Epilogue, and I need more!! I want to know where Chloe and Lucas are years from now. I am hoping since Clark and Viv were in this book and we got an update on them, that we will get to see where these two end up in the future as well in the next book. Well, I'm really hoping they make an appearance in the next book. OMG...Alice please write a book 5!!!!

Looking for the perfect mix of smart, sexy, and sassy? Mai Tai’d Up continues New York Times bestselling author Alice Clayton’s Cocktail series, which began with Wallbanger and continued with Rusty Nailed and Screwdrivered.

The gossip mill in the seaside community of Monterey is churning about Chloe Patterson, the newcomer who is starting a sanctuary for rescued pit bulls. It’s rumored that she’s a former beauty queen (true) who ditched her fiance the morning of their wedding (also true). And that while she’s not looking for a new man, the good-looking local veterinarian has his eye on her. Absolutely, positively true.

When Lucas Campbell isn’t at the family veterinary clinic, he’s paddle boarding in Monterey Bay. Recently single, he’s definitely not in the market for a new relationship, but he still can’t resist taking a second, third, and fourth look at the recent arrival of Miss Golden State.

Neither Lucas nor Chloe has any interest in being tied down. Being tied up, however – now there’s a thought. But are a few Mai Tais, a moonlit night, and the music of Frank Sinatra enough to allow them both to forget their past? Let’s hope Ol’ Blue Eyes knows what he’s doing.

Mix one part tiki, one part kinky, and a splash of old black magic matchmaking, and it’s time to be . . . Mai Tai’d Up.

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