Master of the Moor

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As often happens to me when reading Rendell, I was totally in love with her descriptions of places and sensations but not as thrilled with the direction her story went. Still, when listening to it read by John Lee, what's not to like He is the perfect narrator for a novel such as this. There are some surprises which I didn't see coming and that's a good thing. Most of all, though, I'll always feel I have been to the moor where the novel takes place and that's worth a listen in and of itself.

Stephen Whalby loves to walk the moor. He considers it his, although he and his young wife Lyn are merely tenants in a flat nearby. But the senseless and frightening murder of a young woman invades Stephen’s sense of privacy and pollutes his beloved moor with suspicion and dread. And then a second murder captures his imagination in an unpredictable and fascinating way . . .

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