Nevernight (The Nevernight Chronicle #1)

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Let me start by saying HOLY SHIT.

Look, I doubted you my people. I sometimes don't believe everyone when they rave about a book because too often I find they're overhyped.

Well you were right, I should have believed you. So now that this is out of the way

This. Was. Epic.

Loved the world, loved the magic system, loved the characters, loved the story, loved the humor... I JUST LOVED IT ALL.

The first chapter is straight up painful. The writing style won't be for everyone (I had no issues with it!). The footnotes need some getting used to but it just made me dive deeper into the world and wouldn't want them to not be there now.

There are two cringy sex scenes but I hate them in general so it's fine. The romance didn't take over the whole story.

I will be reading book 2 asap and will be slowly dying as I wait for book 3!

I don't just recommend it, I'm actually asking you to read it.

I don't give 5 stars often so that says it all!

The first in a new fantasy series from the New York Times bestselling author.

In a land where three suns almost never set, a fledgling killer joins a school of assassins, seeking vengeance against the powers who destroyed her family.

Daughter of an executed traitor, Mia Corvere is barely able to escape her father’s failed rebellion with her life. Alone and friendless, she hides in a city built from the bones of a dead god, hunted by the Senate and her father’s former comrades. But her gift for speaking with the shadows leads her to the door of a retired killer, and a future she never imagined.

Now, Mia is apprenticed to the deadliest flock of assassins in the entire Republic – the Red Church. If she bests her fellow students in contests of steel, poison and the subtle arts, she’ll be inducted among the Blades of the Lady of Blessed Murder, and one step closer to the vengeance she desires. But a killer is loose within the Church’s halls, the bloody secrets of Mia’s past return to haunt her, and a plot to bring down the entire congregation is unfolding in the shadows she so loves.

Will she even survive to initiation, let alone have her revenge?

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