One of Us

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'Everybody's got secrets,' he says. 'Right'

THIS BOOK!! You guys, I thought this book was brilliant! So many great elements all thrown together.

- murder mystery
- high school drama
- secrets, both big and small
- suspicion

I love a murder mystery anyway, but this one was made better as I cared about the 4 kids who were suspects.

The star of the baseball team harbouring a huge secret.
The Prom Queen who has never been able to find herself as a separate person from her long term boyfriend.
The rebel with previous criminal convictions - the obvious suspect.
The goodie two shoes. Surely she's never broken the rules

All 4 end up in detention with Simon Kelleher, the guy who runs a gossip app that ruins reputations with its secrets. All four of them have a secret to hide and would do anything to keep it hidden. But at what cost Because by the end of detention Simon is dead, but who did it

'Some people are just too toxic to live.'

I was absolutely addicted. I couldn't put it down until I found out the answer. Plus there are so many tropes that get walked all over. My personal favourite THE GIRL WITH GLASSES GETS THE HOT GUY! This literally never happens in books or films so thank you Karen McManus for including this and not making her take them off 'to be prettier'

I loved Addy's character development too. In the beginning she was just some jock's girlfriend with no thoughts of her own. By the end of the book she really became her own person and I LOVED THAT.

5 stars for amazing characters, gripping writing, and a killer ending (see what I did there ) highly recommend!

Known as “the plague generation” a group of teenagers begin to discover their hidden powers in this shocking post-apocalyptic coming of age story set in 1984.

“This is not a kind book, or a gentle book, or a book that pulls its punches. But it’s a powerful book, and it will change you.” – Seanan McGuire

They’ve called him a monster from the day he was born.

Abandoned by his family, Enoch Bryant now lives in a rundown orphanage with other teenagers just like him. He loves his friends, even if the teachers are terrified of them. They’re members of the rising plague generation. Each bearing their own extreme genetic mutation.

The people in the nearby town hate Enoch, but he doesn’t know why. He’s never harmed anyone. Works hard and doesn’t make trouble. He believes one day he’ll be a respected man.

But hatred dies hard. The tension between Enoch’s world and those of the “normal” townspeople is ready to burst. And when a body is found, it may be the spark that ignites a horrifying revolution.

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