Pirates (The Rim Confederacy #1)

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This book deals with a Naval officer and his crew in The Rim Confederacy, an alliance of planets on the Rim of the Galaxy after a diaspora of sorts.Tanner Scott is just whiling away the days as a Ships officer when the ship is attacked, and his CO and 1st officer are killed, leaving him in charge. He miraculously, or so it seems, fends off the pirates that attacked them, looking like a hero. IN fact, he is, having been a hero ina previous conflict that left him with PTSD and Alcoholism. He is given a new ship, and given a mission to track down the pirates. The story revolves around that mission, showing POV from both sides, as well as some smaller plot lines too, all ending in a satisfactorily explosive conclusion.The characters, Especially Tanner, are engaging, and you can't wait to see where thir story goes. The setting is well laid out, and the plot moves along well, with lots of actions and no unnecessary exposition. Any fan of Jack Campbell or H. Paul Honsinger should enjoy this book. Eric Martin does a great job of bringing the story alive, really bringing the listener into the action. A must read for any sci fi fan.

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Category: Military, Sci-Fi

Tanner Scott, a RIM Confederacy Naval officer, has fought many battles against both humans and aliens. Years ago, he proved victorious against a band of aliens. His ongoing fight with his own alcoholism however remains a stalemate.

And suddenly, Pirates have appeared on the RIM. They have kidnapped the passengers of many craft and sold them into slavery and Scott is ordered to find them and rescue them.

But the pirates aren’t acting alone. They are sponsored by a powerful Royal with ambitious plans, and she isn’t about to let some Navy captain stand in the way of her mining empire. Scott must rescue the slaves while simultaneously navigating the treacherous space of interstellar politics.

If he fails, a Royal will gain more power, the entire Confederacy may unravel, and Scott’s alcohol addiction will be the least of his worries…


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