Rogue (Real #4)

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4.5 - "You're my knight in leather gloves who went rogue." Stars!

I think there is always the urge to compare when reading a book by an author who has in the past provided you with one of your hands-down, fall-in-love-with-from-the-first-page book boyfriends. Katy Evans is one of those authors for me, I will never forget or fall out of love with Remington Tate and because of that I initially started Rogue with a little trepidation. I wanted to judge Greyson on his own merits rather than against the merits of a man who is essentially incomparable.

"I'm Greyson King and I'm your man."

I suppose the first question would then be has Katy managed it For me that would be a yes, Grey is different, dissimilar and wholly unique. He is dark, dirty, blunt and brutal.

He's a ten. I've never, ever been with a ten. And the way that he looks at me... I've seen that look before. The look that Remington Tate gives Brooke. That look. He's giving it to me and I'm dying inside. Can I die from one look And if one look can kill me, then what would one touch do

Melanie has been on Grey's radar for a while, being a part of the family that controls the Underground and all of the fights and gambling that take place therein, he has seen her on the security footage attending Remy's fights with Brooke. She has his attention for a whole different reason now though, her name is on a list, a list that once completed will offer him answers. In order to get those answers he has to become Zero, the stuff of Melanie's nightmares.

She's my mark, but she's marked me.

Grey - I'm going to be everything you never wanted." ...
"Nothing that you need." ...
"I'm not the man of your dreams, Melanie, I'm your worst nightmare."

So what happens when a relationship that is built on smoke and mirrors, half-truths and omissions, turns into something more than just sex When the person keeping the secret and the person that is ultimately the reason for secret come together... This is in essence the basis for Grey and Melanie's story, and the drama that unfolds as people around then realise their connection.

He's like every boy I made out with under the bleachers, every boy I've ever wanted who didn't want me, everything that was forbidden to me.

She makes me fucking hot. Hard. Possessive. Protective. What the fuck She makes me feel like I'm not a robot, like I'm flesh and blood, a man, not a number, not a job not a monster, not a bastard, not a zero.

The writing, the development and the flow of the storyline are absolutely perfect. As the drama unfolds, the secrets revealed and the emotions build up, you are with Grey and Melanie every step of the way. The dual POV really helps with this, as although the story is wholly theirs as a couple, a lot of it happens to them as individuals, and I liked that we got the whole story from both of them in the one book this time.

"With you and me, there are no givens. No rules. Just what we want. And I want every inch of you. I want what you've given no one."

Rogue is a book you will struggle to put down, it loved getting back into the Underground, albeit from a completely different perspective this time. Katy Evans has managed to give us dark and sexy again, but in a completely different way. I didn't at any point in this book stop and compare or feel any sense of de-ja-vu.

"I want you like I want a new life, Melanie."

Melanie and Greyson have their own individual personalities and quirks, you don't feel like you are reading a rehash book, cobbled together from previous characters just with different names and scenarios. The only reason this didn't hit a 5 for me... I wasn't a massive fan of Melanie prior to her getting her own book, and although I understand her more now after Rogue, I still found her a little immature at points. I still fell in love with the author and her style of writing all over again though.

"You're danger Grey."
"You have no idea, princess."

ARC generously provided by the publisher, and it was my absolute pleasure to provide the above honest review.

The fourth story in the new adult series that began with the New York Times bestseller Real, featuring Brooke’s best friend, Melanie, and the ROGUE she can’t resist.

Greyson King…
My boyfriend. My friend. My protector. He’s the reason I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, and the reason I fall asleep limp, worn out, and aching for his warm arms around me. When we make love, he says my name like it means something. Like I mean something.
His name is Greyson King, but his alias is Zero.
There’s zero trace of him, he has zero past, and now I know that with him, I will have zero future.
He may leave no trace of him anywhere, but his imprint is in me, in my very soul–and I hate that a mere look at him commands the beat of my heart. The temperature of my body.
I’ve looked for love my entire life. I’ve waited for the butterflies, the rainbows…
Instead I’m in a free fall of emotions and there’s no one to catch me but the one man I should be running away from. The one man I thought was my prince charming.
Except this prince charming went rogue.
Greyson will stop at nothing to make me be with him. He’ll let no one stand in our way, will allow no one to threaten me, and maybe this is what scares me most of all…
What will my rogue do to keep me?

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