Rowdy (Marked Men #5)

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5 'First and last' stars!

I absolutely love the Marked Men series. Sadly, ever since Rule, none of them have measured up. Even though Rule is still, and probably always will be my favorite of the Marked Men- Rowdy sure gave him a run for his money! Out of books 2-5, this was by far the best for me!

Rowdy is the fun blonde in the group. He never has a girl for too long, he's always having a good time and going with the flow. He doesn't do relationships because he's been left by every person he's ever loved one way or another. One of those people is Salem.

Salem grew up in a household where too much was expected of her. She could never just be herself.

The only person she was the 'real her' with, was her younger neighbor Rowdy. Rowdy and Salem just got each other as kids.
We might have been on the outside looking in at our own families and our own lives, but at least we could stand outside together.
Even though Salem was a few years older than Rowdy, they formed this bond, this friendship. Salem's little sister may have caught Rowdy's eye, but Salem was his best friend. When she turned 18 and had to get out, it devastated Rowdy. He was left, once again.

Fast forward 10 years and Salem finds her way back to the blonde boy she left behind. Only to find he's grown up big time.

Salem is determined to get back in Rowdy's life. Rowdy doesn't make it easy. He's not quick to trust. He doesn't want to get hurt again. But he finds it impossible to fight the pull he's always had for Salem.

Salem works hard to gain Rowdy's trust again. I really liked watching the two of them re-connect. Everything seems to be going great, then Salem's sister comes back into the picture. The same sister that caught Rowdy's eye as a child. It brings some insecurities from Salem. And confusing feelings for them both. Rowdy is quick to realize that firsts come and go, but it's the lasts that really matter. God I loved that saying.

"You are the last person I want to kiss. The last woman I want in my bed. I want you to be the last girl that touches any and all parts of me, Salem, and that means so much more than a first."
Watching Rowdy and Salem's love grow and develop, watching Rowdy learn to trust again and truly fall in love was a beautiful thing. Things came up, but no over the top drama so that was fantastic.

I loved both of the main characters. Rowdy was just fabulous. And Salem- she wasn't annoying in the least. A very likable heroine! I loved how persistent she was in showing Rowdy she was there for the long hall and not going to leave. She was so patient and understanding with him.

What's so wonderful about reading a Marked Men novel is not only do you get a great story, you get to see whats going on with the rest of the gang. Those other characters that are near and dear to your heart. I loved getting more Rule, Rome, Jet and Nash! And Cora of course- love her! I also liked the new characters introduced in this one. I know Asa's book is next, but I see a lot of potential down the line for some books for the others!

Rowdy is one of those books that just makes you happy in the end. A sweet, sexy and romantic story. A story about second chances, learning to forgive and move on from the past, to trust again. I thought this one was really great. A favorite of mine for sure. I like how the book ended and looking forward to the next Marked Men book! Bring on Asa and Royal's story! <3

The New York Times and USA Today bestselling Marked Men series continues with this sizzling, sexy story of love, heartbreak, fate, and second chances.

After the only girl he ever loved told him that he would never be enough, Rowdy St. James knocked the Texas dust off his boots and set out to live up to his nickname. A good ol’ boy looking for good times and good friends, Rowdy refuses to take anything too seriously, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. Burned by love once, he isn’t going to let himself trust a woman again. But that’s before his new co-worker arrives, a ghost from the past who’s suddenly making him question every lesson he ever learned.

Salem Cruz grew up in house with too many rules and too little fun – a world of unhappiness she couldn’t wait to forget. But one nice thing from childhood has stayed with her; the memory of the sweet, blue-eyed boy next door who’d been head over heels in love with her little sister.

Now, fate and an old friend have brought her and Rowdy together, and Salem is determined to show him that once upon a time he picked the wrong sister. A mission that is working perfectly – until the one person that ties them together appears, threatening to tear them apart for good.

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