Shopaholic Ties the Knot

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If it were possible I would give Shopaholic Ties the Knot and extra star, because this is my favorite book in the series. I'm not sure why, maybe it's all the descriptions of wedding cake. I don't know. I just enjoy this book the most. I especially enjoyed it this time because it temporarily stopped my reading slump.

In Shopaholic Ties the Knot, Becky deals with a problem we have all had to deal with, two weddings on the same day in different countries.

We've all been there!

Somehow Becky is going to have to pick between the quaint backyard wedding her mother is planning back in Oxshott and the over the top Enchanted Forest wedding her mother-in-law to be is planning at The Plaza in New York. Of course being Becky she makes a bad situation worse but as always everything works out in the end.

In this book we meet Luke's estranged mother Elinor, who I kept picturing as (despite how she's described)Joan Crawford shoulder pads and all. Who abandoned Luke as a child but now that he's rich and successful wants s relationship of sorts with him. Luke is often a B or even C character in this series but in The Knot Luke actually gets some character development and expands beyond just being the straight guy to Becky's comedy.

As always if you liked Confessions of a Shopaholic than you'll enjoy the rest of the series. If you didn't like the first book don't read the rest of the series.

Narrated by Emily Gray

Length: 14 hours and 21 minutes

This is the 3rd book of “Shopaholic” Series
(Books 1 and 2 of this series already posted)

Life has been good for Becky Bloomwood: She’s become the best personal shopper at Barneys, she and her successful entrepreneurial boyfriend, Luke, are living happily in Manhattan’s West Village, and her new next-door neighbor is a fashion designer!

But with her best friend, Suze, engaged, how can Becky fail to notice that her own ring finger is bare? Not that she’s been thinking of marriage (or diamonds) or anything…

Then Luke proposes!

Bridal registries dance in Becky’s head.

Problem is, two other people are planning her wedding: Becky’s overjoyed mother has been waiting forever to host a backyard wedding, with the bride resplendent in Mum’s frilly old gown.

While Luke’s high-society mother is insisting on a glamorous, all-expenses-paid affair at the Plaza. Both weddings for the same day.

And Becky can’t seem to turn down either one.
Can everyone’s favorite shopaholic tie the knot before everything unravels?

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