Shut Up and Kiss Me

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I laughed all the way through this book. Shut Up and Kiss Me has been on my TBR list for quite a while and every time I came across it to buy I put it off. The blurb online doesn't do it justice.

It wasn't until I read a review by Sandy M that I decided it was a must buy and a must readand I wasn't disappointed. Sandy M has a pretty perfect review of it.

I just have to say thisPoor Jose! I would hate coming home too if I had that horrible homecoming.

My only complaint (and it's not a big one) is who Sky's sister ends up with. Christie Craig got me so into hating the guy that I was a little disappointed that he turned out to be a good guy.

I can honestly say that Christie Craig has become an instant favorite of mine (along with this book) and that I'll definitely be re-reading this book in the future.

Photojournalist Shala Winters already had her hands full bringing tourism to this backward, podunk town, but her job just got tougher. Pictures can say a thousand words, and one of Shala’s is screaming bloody murder. Now she has to entrust a macho, infuriating lawman with her life – but she’ll never trust him with her heart.

Trust or not, Sky Gomez isn’t about to let a killer get his hands on Shala’s Nikon – or any of her more comely assets, for that matter. Her mouth might move faster than a Piney Woods roadrunner, but all he can think about is how good it must taste…and how she’ll never escape true love.

Shut Up and Kiss Me part 1 of 2

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