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Actually 4.5/5

Signature Kill by David Levien in the fourth in his Frank Behr series and the first I have read, but it will not be my last, as I plan start the series from the beginning, nothing is better than discovering a new masterful suspense/thriller author. Frank Behr is down on his luck and close to broke, and is working a no-win missing persons case when a young women is discovered murdered and hideously arranged on a side street in Indianapolis. Behr believes the two cases may be connected, however he has almost no friends left on the police force he was once apart of. As the body count increases, it is clear there is a serial killer on the loose and Behr relentlessly pursues the cases, but this time his greatest strength could prove devastating. Levien has crafted a powerful suspense thriller with a strong plot and unexpected twists and turns. His main character is well drawn out and while I could not put the book down, I kept wishing I had read the previous books; I personally wanted more insight into Behr's life. Signature Kill definitely can be read as a standalone, I think the reader would benefit even more from reading the previous books, however Levien's writing style and deeply suspenseful atmosphere with unexpected twists will keep readers new to his works riveted to the story. I highly recommend Signature Kill to readers who enjoy exceptional suspense thrillers.

A stunning serial-killer novel from David Levien, featuring his acclaimed and indomitable investigator, Frank Behr…this is the bigger thriller we’ve been wanting for from Levien.

A young woman’s body is found on a side street in Indianapolis, horrifyingly arranged. Meanwhile, Frank Behr, who is down on his luck and virtually broke, takes on a no-win case to locate a single mother’s wayward daughter who’s been missing for months. Suddenly Behr feels the two cases may be connected, but he is years removed from his life as a legitimate police officer and has few friends left on the force. His relentless focus has always been his greatest strength…and his deepest flaw.

As the death toll rises, it becomes clear Indianapolis has a serial killer in its midst…an invisible average Joe who passes beneath the radar but commits unspeakable acts. Frank Behr’s pursuit will lead him to a dark place – and ultimately to a devastating decision from which he will not be able to turn back.

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