Speaks the Nightbird (Matthew Corbett #1)

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My name is Robert McCammon. I don't write novels--I write masterpieces.

We need to talk, you and I. You're preparing to read a book called SPEAKS THE NIGHTBIRD, and we need to get a couple of matters straightened out before you proceed.

First of all, there'll be no need for other books while you read mine. That's right; you'll want to be monogamous.

Not ready to make that commitment I suppose I should explain something.

You don't have a choice.

Yes, that's right. Once you begin this tale of mystery and murder, you won't have need of other books. This is because you'll be transported to Fount Royal for the next couple of weeks. Haven't heard of it Yes, it's a rather surprising place full of sordid dealings and shady characters and--excuse me, I ought to allow you to discover the tale for yourself.

But before you do, there's one more thing I should mention.

Remember that request for monogamy It's a wish I don't utter lightly. I know how many great books there are out there, I know how many wonderful writers. Believe me, I wouldn't ask you for exclusivity if not for the following fact:

I will deliver everything in this book. Horror in lurid red gushes. Romance in electrifying blue glances. Humor in bright orange bursts. Sadness in somber gray brushstrokes.

And if these ingredients aren't enough for you, I'll also provide rollicking adventure, dialogue that crackles, passion that seethes, and injustice that infuriates.

And when it's all over, you will have known what it's like to exist in another time, in another place. And like my protagonist Matthew Corbett, you'll be changed by the experience.

My name is Robert McCammon, and I'm a writer. It's time for us to take a journey together...

Judgment of the Witch

The Carolinas, 1699: The citizens of Fount Royal believe a witch has cursed their town with inexplicable tragedies — and they demand that beautiful widow Rachel Howarth be tried and executed for witchcraft. Presiding over the trial is traveling magistrate Isaac Woodward, aided by his astute young clerk, Matthew Corbett. Believing in Rachel’s innocence, Matthew will soon confront the true evil at work in Fount Royal….

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