Sure Thing

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Looking for your next book boyfriend Well, step right up because Miller Hart will make you swoon! He's a classic Blakely hero....a sexy alpha with a filthy mouth. But what sets Miller apart from all others is his tenderhearted, loving side. He's like a fine piece of chocolate....firm on the outside (just like his washboard abs) but super gooey and yummy on the inside. Miller literally melted my heart, page after page! His dedication to his best friend Ally and her niece Chloe as well as his brothers and his nephew was heartwarming. Miller and Ally had a chemistry that simmered below the surface from the start. Their love story built to a sexy crescendo and I'm pretty sure I fell in love right alongside them. They really were just perfect for each other. Their love story was beautifully written and I was invested in these two characters from the first page. Best friends to lovers is one of my all-time favorite genres and Blakely once again nailed it flawlessly.

While Once Upon a Sure Thing is the second book in the Heartbreakers series, it can be read as a complete standalone. New readers will be introduced to a wealth of characters while those who are already invested in the series will be excited to see their favorite characters reappear. Blakely gives readers the perfect love story with an HEA ending while whetting appetites for what's to come in the final book in this series, Once Upon a Wild Fling. In a nutshell, Once Upon a Sure Thing has everything you could want in a sexy rom-com from Lauren Blakely and it's a definitely 5 star must-read.

Have you ever set out to have a one night stand with a sexy stranger?
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No? I’m the only one?
Just kidding, I would never.
Not usually.

But then I figured, why not? My entire life I’ve been good and it’s gotten me nowhere.
No job.
No apartment.
No boyfriend.

I’m owed a little fun, aren’t I? A reward for being good.
Sure, a new pair of shoes would be more appropriate, but Mr. Sexy Stranger is more appealing. And when he speaks – in that British accent – it’s a done deal. Every American woman has a hot British guy fantasy. Well, most do. I haven’t taken a poll or anything, but I’m pretty sure it’s a fact.

You know that saying about best-laid plans?
Good, because I don’t either, but I assume they go awry.
Like my one night stand…

Sure Thing