Sweet Nothing

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4.5 "penny for your thoughts" STARS

Is it possible to love a story and be confused at the same time Going to reread and ask around on what others got from the ending. Perhaps I'll see if there's a support group some where out there For now though, I loved the ride, enjoyed the writing and adored the characters.

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Thinking there was a bit more foreshadowing than I picked up on, "fixing our memories" and of course the title itself. Still going back and forth on what Josh and Avery's ending really means. Regardless, I still loved every damn minute of it- go figure!

Thank you author Teresa Mummert for getting back to me and clearing up my confusion about the ending. Please only click this if you have finished the book- This is what Teresa Mummert shared with me (view spoiler)[Josh did wake up at the end and he had dreamed of Avery too (which we know because of his chapters). So we can assume someone (Quinn or any of the other workers) let him know that Avery had woken up and thought they were married. So he goes to find her. He does use the same pickup line at the end that he did the first time he walked into JayWok and talked to her. We let the reader's imagination decide what happens from there. We saw it as their love story just beginning but retelling it after the book would be redundant. (hide spoiler)] Very cool ending - I loved this book!!

It is enough to break any man: watching what could have been my future slip away before it was ever in my grasp.The possibility of losing someone I loved, before she was even mine, is something I never would have imagined. Certainly nothing I’d ever wish on anyone. I go to her every day and wait. Wait for the impossible, for a sign, for her to look at me . . . hoping that sinners are granted miracles, too. Just one glimpse of him was all it took. In the next lane, at a stop light, was the man I would fall in love with and marry. People talk about the kind of love that takes time, love you fall into. We were more like a crash and burn, and when our lives intertwined I would never be the same. He was the man I would cherish the rest of my life, who would father my children. In an instant our life together began, and in an instant it would end. The late nights; the excuses; the lies. And in the blink of an eye, it was like we never were.Contains mature themes.

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