Tell No One

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5/5 stars.
Harlan Coben strikes again.
This book teaches us the power of love. Sometimes I tend to believe that there is no such thing as "true love." Maybe not, maybe yes. I don't know. But what are books for For experiencing things that you do not experience in your reality. I'm experiencing another person's reality. And in this book, the love between Beck and Elizabeth was outstanding. Despite the difficulty, despite the shit the world offers us, this little magic called "love", still remains in the heart.
I admire Beck. He's not perfect, he's not the smartest, he's not the fastest, not the best. And that's what makes him human. That's what makes the plot, despite all the crap that the writers put in to make the book thrilling and exciting- realistic.
It does happen in life, to unlucky people, I guess. But sometimes it's easy to forget that the books, movies and TV shows we watch or read, with all the horrors and the chasing and the tension, do happen in reality.

Highly recommended!

For Dr. David Beck, the loss was shattering. And every day for the past eight years, he has relived the horror of what happened. The gleaming lake. The pale moonlight. The piercing screams. The night his wife was taken. The last night he saw her alive.

Everyone tells him it’s time to move on, to forget the past once and for all. But for David Beck, there can be no closure. A message has appeared on his computer, a phrase only he and his dead wife know. Suddenly Beck is taunted with the impossible- that somewhere, somehow, Elizabeth is alive.

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