The Arrangement

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So I wanted to try this because there are four fucking volumes of this all at $2.99 and I was like that sucks. Especially since each novella is only 20,000 words. If you have four parts why not just put it all together for one book and then price it at like 9.99.

But then I realized that its a serial novel.

So I decided to check it out,my hand hovering over the REFUND button on Amazon. I read chapter one. Enjoyed. Went to chapter two. Loved it. Kept reading. When I got to the final page, at midnight, I was pretty pissed.


Well for one, that it was motherfucking midnight!

Two. . .why did you leave us right there :-( I wanted more!

So I bought The Arrangement #2

I see you Ms. H.M. Ward. I see you, you cheeky little wench.

You got me addicted and now here I am like a crack head knocking back at your door for the next hit!

It pisses me off to no end that she didn't just put the whole thing as one novel. . .BUT

I will read the next. . .I'll follow you down the rabbit hole Ms. H.M. Ward.

Oh, yeah. I'll follow you, but there better be a goddamn caterpillar smoking weed and a Queen of Hearts slicing the heads off of insulters when we get to the end!!

The plot thickens. . .

***Genre: Adult Fiction: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary, Humor/ Funny (Marriage)

The Arrangement, Part 1 of 2

The Arrangement, Part 2 of 2