The Art Thief

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This book is essentially a mystery, a genre that I am rather unqualified to rate appropriately. Overall, I think the mystery aspect of the book was entertaining and not overtly obvious, so probably successful.

More than that, however, I adored this book. It is easily one of the best I have read. Of course, all of my reasons are selfish and probably not applicable to most people. This book appealed to all of my favorite things.

It made me feel smart. Scattered, untranslated phrases in French and Italian made sense to me. Of course they were simple, conversational terms, but I was proud of my ability to read them. That being said, I think most of them could be understood in the context of the book without being able to translate them, so I hope no one is turned off by that. There are truly very few sentences in the book that are not in English, and none of them contain major plot secrets, so you would miss nothing even if you ignored them completely. For me, though, it was a satisfying discovery that I could translate them.

The art works mentioned in the book brought to mind specific mental pictures for me. I loved the chance to flip through my mental art rolodex, and this reminded me exactly how much I love art history. I am newly motivated to continue pursuing an art historical graduate education in some sense.

Overall, this book made me feel good about me. It's not really meant to do so, but it appealed to all of the things I am proud of, and so gave me a better sense of my own academic ability and worth.

Rome: In the small Baroque church of Santa Giuliana, a magnificent Caravaggio altarpiece disappears without a trace in the middle of the night.Paris: In the basement vault of the Malevich Society, curator Genevi – ve Delacloche is shocked to discover the disappearance of the Society’s greatest treasure, White-on-White by Suprematist painter Kasimir Malevich.
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London: At the National Gallery of Modern Art, the museum’s latest acquisition is stolen just hours after it was purchased for more than six million pounds.

In “The Art Thief,” three thefts are simultaneously investigated in three cities, but these apparently isolated crimes have much more in common than anyone imagines. In Rome, the police enlist the help of renowned art investigator Gabriel Coffin when tracking down the stolen masterpiece. In Paris, Genevi – ve Delacloche is aided by Police Inspector Jean-Jacques Bizot, who finds a trail of bizarre clues and puzzles that leads him ever deeper into a baffling conspiracy. In London, Inspector Harry Wickenden of Scotland Yard oversees the museum’s attempts to ransom back its stolen painting, only to have the masterpiece’s recovery deepen the mystery even further.

A dizzying array of forgeries, overpaintings, and double-crosses unfolds as the story races through auction houses, museums, and private galleries – and the secret places where priceless works of art are made available to collectors who will stop at nothing to satisfy their hearts’ desires.

Full of fascinating art-historical detail, crackling dialogue, and a brain-teasing plot, Noah Charney’s debut novel is a sophisticated, stylish thriller, as irresistible and multifaceted as a great work of art.

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