The Basketball Diaries

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William Burroughs and Irvine Welsh wrote my favorite books about junk addiction. I love "Naked Lunch" and I love "Trainspotting".

I don't think of Jim Carroll when I consider those two writers. Because I don't think of Jim Carroll as a writer.

I don't think of "The Basketball Diaries" when I consider those two novels. Because "The Basketball Diaries" isn't fiction.

Jim Carroll was a prodigy diarist and "The Basketball Diaries" is a personal journal of his addiction. The power of the words comes not from his creativity but from his fearless account of the truth. He relates the depths of his personal depravity. He confesses to his crimes and sexual servitude. He becomes a beat poet of the real, chanting and shaking to conjure.

The Dicaprio movie isn't bad. But the true spiritual film adaption of this book for me is "Kids". Now that might seem strange. Because "Kids" is not about heroin at all. But it has the same sense of kids acting like adults in an urban world with no boundaries.


Written between the ages of twelve and fifteen, this diary tells the story of Jim Carroll, a kid growing up stealing, hustling, getting high, playing basketball, and trying to find something pure on the streets of New York
The book was made into a film of the same name in 1995 starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jim Carroll and Mark Wahlberg as Mickey.

“Дневник баскетболиста” – классическое произведение о юном хипстере, растущем на грязных улицах Нью-Йорка. Книга принесла Джиму Кэрролу огромную славу в андеграундной среде.

Джек Керуак, впервые прочитав отрывки то веселой, то страшной хроники Кэррола о жизни городского подростка с тринадцати по шестнадцать лет, решился написать: “Тринадцатилетний Джим Кэррол пишет прозу лучше, чем 89% современных писателей”. Позже, напечатанные на заре семидесятых в “The Paris Review” отрывки из произведения вызнали сенсацию – и продолжают вызывать по сей день.

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