The Boogeyman

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I needed to move my old review over here because I see some undoubtedly well-meaning goodreads librarian took the old "The Boogeyman" page and changed it to an alternate version of Night Shift which is the collection from whence this story came, and now my older review of this story shows up as another review of the entire book... Some people are so much help I can barely stand it.

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Long has it been since the ending to a story gave me a chill, but this one pulled it off. I guess it's a common theme, but it still caught me by surprise, and the story was all the richer for it.

We also have the most realistic character so far in the Night Shift collection (sixth story in). He's kind of detestable, but I've met people like him, and he's quite realistic. Another great thing is that this story reminds me of It, my favorite SK book. I can see some themes, or devices in this that are more fleshed out in It, and I like finding those little Easter eggs.

Check it.

In the Stephen King favorite, a man tries to explain to his psychiatrist that the Boogeyman is real and has been killing his children as he spirals into insanity.

The Boogeyman