The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue (Guide #1)

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"I don't think it's a good idea to go courting trouble, is all."
"We're not courting trouble," I say. "Flirting with it, at most."

I honest to god wish this book would take human form and come fall in love with me.

I love this book with all my usually empty 7 hearts that just inflated 6 sizes and I think my ribs might actually crack. This book was so pure it wasn't made for earth. This was the best thing that's happened to humanity since sliced bread. This was better than shaking hands with dumbledore, better than winning the house cup, better than drarry actually being canon!

So here are some reasons why you should cancel all relationships from today onward to focus on this book:

a historical fiction that isn't mostly about straight white people
the most entertaining historical road trip ever
before I die, I want to go on a similar tour, preferably with whoever my future person ends up being. if you're my soulmate please start the itinerary
the "grumpy jerk and actual real life moonbeam are best friends" trope
the "mutual seemingly unrequited pining" trope
the "friends to lovers" trope
the "we have to share a bed but we're both going to pretend we're not happy about this situation" trope
  Henry Montague-the most lovable bisexual dickhead on the earth, whose smile could distinguish a million stars and realign planets and could topple nations with the force of the power unleashed and who's literally such a moron oh my god
he's the kind of person who would get himself into a bad situation and just continue to dig his own grave rather than ask for help
and I'm sorry to break this to you Monty, but it seems as if I have cared about you so hard that you are now officially my son. I'm not happy about this either. In fact, I am very disappointed in you
Percy Newton-actual ray of sunshine and the embodiment of every moment anyone has looked at the sunset and had a Moment thinking about how lucky they are to witness the beauty of nature
I can't back this up with science but I'm sure Percy can harness the sun's warmth and power and bring harmony to human relations and begin an age of peace
he's of a good heart and I love him so much I wish I could wrap him in blankets and hold his hand and do that little thumb rubby thingy I just hope he's content!
the kind of OTP that will occupy a very large % of your thoughts
thank you for blinding me with your love ...I might have lost my vision but now I Understand
no seriously, if you're interested in seeing me have a complete breakdown, just give me an otp where person A spends 90% of their productive time looking at person B with softness and wonder while person B is completely unaware.... just to find out later that their feelings are reciprocated after long months/years of longing and suffering
also, I'm very happy to publicly announce that the word "darling" is no longer vaguely condescending. Monty and Percy have revived its affectionate and superior meaning. Let's give it its moment again!
Felicity "ladies haven't the luxury of being squeamish about blood" Montague-the most badass, soft and gentle but also cutthroat girl and who's also THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND DESERVING MERMAID IN THE SEVEN SEAS AND ALSO THE SEAS THAT WE ARE UNAWARE OF ON OTHER PLANETS
a disabled MC whose disability doesn't define him or make him any less desirable or worthy of love and respect
the MCs fall hostages to said pirates but they end up bonding over a game of dice because at this point why not really
and together they, let's see:
dupe the french navy, turn up corpses and sink an entire bloody island
also at one point, Monty runs naked from the French palace after being caught with a woman in a duke's chambers
oh and did I mention that he stole a valuable object from the French king and actually thought that running in the streets of Marseille with only said object (literally only: he's goddamn naked) was the most brilliant idea in all recorded human time
anyway, please bury my body where Henry Montague first went streaking in the gardens of Versailles
but most important of all, because this is a historical fiction that acknowledges the fact that people of color, disabled people and queer people existed in the 18th century and acknowledges all the hardships they have faced.

re-read 17-23/08/17: the audiobook was everything.

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Henry “Monty” Montague was born and bred to be a gentleman, but he was never one to be tamed. The finest boarding schools in England and the constant disapproval of his father haven’t been able to curb any of his roguish passions – not for gambling halls, late nights spent with a bottle of spirits, or waking up in the arms of women or men.

But as Monty embarks on his Grand Tour of Europe, his quest for a life filled with pleasure and vice is in danger of coming to an end. Not only does his father expect him to take over the family’s estate upon his return, but Monty is also nursing an impossible crush on his best friend and traveling companion, Percy.

Still it isn’t in Monty’s nature to give up. Even with his younger sister, Felicity, in tow, he vows to make this yearlong escapade one last hedonistic hurrah and flirt with Percy from Paris to Rome. But when one of Monty’s reckless decisions turns their trip abroad into a harrowing manhunt that spans across Europe, it calls into question everything he knows, including his relationship with the boy he adores.

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue