The Guilty One

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This is book 4 in the Jackman and Evans series but they do work very well as stand alone.  However, if this is the first book you have read be aware you have missed the background and development of some of the characters which could affect your enjoyment a little.

It is no secret that I am a MASSIVE Joy Ellis fan.  She has 2 police series and a couple of stand alone novels.  Her Nikki Galena series is police procedural whereas this Jackman and Evans series is more psychological thriller.  I do love the way all her novels have slight links and references to her other books and the whole 'Joy Ellis' experience is one hell of a thrilling ride.

The book begins with Jackman's sister in law going missing and turning up drowned in the Thames.  Why did she travel to London to commit suicide and why  That is the first question Jackman asks himself but it is the first of many as other deaths that appear to be suicide are questioned.

The book is fast paced and thrilling as Jackman and his team race against time to unravel the clues before there are more deaths.  Psychopaths are complicated characters and each has its own peculiarities and Joy has built the character to be a realistic, warped and evil character but one that could very well be living next door.

Intrigue, suspense, twists, turns and shockers all the way through are all interwoven into a complex page-turner you wont be able to put down and the adrenaline keeps pumping right through to the heart stopping ending.  An absolutely brilliant book that leaves the reader in no doubt that Jackman and his team will NEVER be beaten no matter how much evil is thrown at them.

WOW yet again I am left wondering how Joy is ever going to better this book, but I do that with every book she has written and she just keeps getting better and better.

Absolutely brilliant you need to read this book  NOW.

An eight-year-old boy is found dead in a playground . . . and his eleven-year-old neighbor is accused of the crime. Leading the defense is London solicitor Daniel Hunter, a champion of lost causes.

A damaged boy from a troubled home, Daniel’s young client, Sebastian, reminds Daniel of his own turbulent childhood–and of Minnie, the devoted woman whose love saved him. But one terrible act of betrayal irrevocably shattered their bond.

As past and present collide, Daniel is faced with disturbing questions. Will his sympathy for Sebastian and his own memories blind him to the truth? What happened in the park–and who, ultimately, is to blame for a little boy’s death? Rethinking everything he’s ever believed, Daniel begins to understand what it means to be wrong . . . and to be the guilty one.

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