THE LEGION OF SPACE (Legion of Space #1)

Review From User :

Fantastic SiFi from one of the early masters. Follow the adventures of 3 members of the legion. Highly recommended!

Category: Sci-Fi

Summary: Her name was Aladoree Anthar, and her safety was critical to the Solar System. Because she was the only person alive who knew the secret of AKKA – the most awesome weapon humanity possessed.

Not surprisingly, the job of protecting Aladoree was normally reserved for trusted Legion veterans. Yet John Star was assigned that duty right after graduating from the Academy, and he intended to prove himself worthy of the distinction.

But there were factors at work that John knew nothing about – a sinister plot to restore Imperial rule to the system … and a disastrous “alliance” with a race of malevolent aliens. And before too long, John found himself up to his ears in trouble, with less than one chance in a billion of getting out.

The Legion of Space: Legion of Space, Book 1 (Unabridged)