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Imagine Harry Potter being replaced with a Harry Potter with combined talents of Ender Wiggins, Artemis Fowl and Yagami Light and put him in world much darker than Rowling envisioned. Yep, that's what this book was. No Ron or Hagrid to distract you, this is a Machiavellian Harry who manipulates people to his own ends, with powers the Dark Lord knows not, and the ambition for world domination (or, as he would call it, world optimization)

It is a HUGE book and still ongoing. Took me three days straight to finish it, but I don't regret a moment of it. Not only was it fun, it was almost in all ways better than the originals (it does need to be heavily edited and consolidated in multiple parts, but as a fan-fiction, I'll let it slide).

So far (Jan'12) , there are five big arcs:
1. Harry trying to bring Malfoy to the side of Good
2. Harry's powerplay with Snape and Dumbledore
3. Extra-curricular mock battles in Defense Against Dark Arts class, similar to Ender's Game, that takes place in forests, corridors and even underwater
4. Harry helping carry out a prison break from Azkaban (not Sirius)
5. Hermione's quest to become a hero on her own right, rather than live under Harry's shadow.
+ More but that would be giving away spoilers

Not to mention multiple smaller arcs, littered infodumps (but not too much) and philosophical discussions about life, the universe and everything with the very smart Quirrel and Dumbledore.

Now, this is not just a story, the author has tried to put his ideas forward as a rationalist in this on-going series, and he has done so beautifully. The premise, the execution, and the stories are all superb. Kudos to the author for producing the best fan-fiction, if not the best fiction, I have ever read.

Rabid fan re-review: No review does the book justice. I mean seriously, I can't give you guys spoilers but HOLY FUCK. I just finished the latest arc and my mind has been blown with a power of a exploding star. I don't think even Rowling put as much thought behind HP as Eliezer Yudkowsky did.

Harry is a scientist. And he asks the basic question in the fantasy novel. How does Magic work Why does putting stuff in a pot and brewing them make a potion that can change your molecular structure How can it be conceivable for the human brain to operate in the anatomy of a cat

And he delivers answers.

Even if you didn't like Harry Potter, this... this you should read.

How hard will you fight for the one you love?
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Frank and Linda’s marriage is falling apart. When old friends tell them about an “unconventional therapy retreat” called The Method, they jump at the chance to attend.

Dr. Kaspar’s Lone Loon Lodge is a secluded resort deep in the Montana wilds. The staff is friendly. The other couple joining them is intense. But when a death occurs events quickly spiral out of control, leaving Linda and Frank unable to trust anyone but each other.

Nothing is what it seems, and only one thing is certain: Love Is Pain.

The Method