The Modern Scholar – Evolutionary Psychology, Part II: The Science of Human Nature – Allen MacNeill

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I have read many books on this topic and was glad to read (audio) this lecture series that ties so many things I regularly read about into a coherent subject and heading. I love how the lecturer explains "is-ness" vs. "ought-ness". Just because humans have evolved with a lot of behavior that is morally "wrong" to our modern sensibilities, does not mean that is the way things "ought" to be. I listened to part 2 directly after and will be posting this review for that as well.

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“Why do we do what we do?” In this thought-provoking series of lectures, Allen D. MacNeill examines the surprising – and sometimes unsettling – answers to this most basic of human questions. The remarkable new field of evolutionary psychology takes a scientific approach to the evolution of human nature. Analyzing human behavior in relation to food, clothing, shelter, health care, and sex, Evolutionary Psychology proves an immensely stimulating exploration of human endeavor.

01. Dominance and Territoriality

02. Primate Politics

03. Adaptive Conflict

04. The Natural History of Rape

05. Guns, Germs, and Steel

06. The Neurobiology of Religion

07. Religion as Side Effect