The Panama Papers: Breaking the Story of How the Rich and Powerful Hide Their Money – Bastian Obermayer, Frederik Obermaier

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This is probably the most exciting non-fiction book I have read in the last few years. It reads like a thriller, it reads like fiction and just hooked me and fascinated me. I had a small crisis in between, I was travelling for work and plowing through it, 2/3 in I forgot it on the plane and had to wait until I could obtain a second copy... Drama all around.
Why did I like this story First of all I had already read about the Panama Papers, the leaks, and the names of very famous and rich people involved so I dived head first into it and never for a second was I disappointed. Secondly it helps as a stark reminder that the global world of business, money, taxes it completely bonkers, why does anyone think it is a good idea to legalise tax havens Why does EU member states with otherwise strong, legal, systems allow the richest and the brightest to steal from all other citizens
Can we expect more from the brilliant journalists Obermaier/Obermayer behind it I don't know but I have already started following their work on SZ and it reignited my interest in what is going on, I had gotten a bit fed up with Brexit, Trump and what have you...

Late one evening investigative journalist Bastian Obermayer receives an anonymous message offering him access to secret data. Through encrypted channels he then receives documents showing a mysterious bank transfer for $500 million in gold. This is just the beginning.

Obermayer and fellow Süddeutsche Zeitung journalist Frederik Obermaier find themselves immersed in a secret world where complex networks of shell companies help to hide people who don’t want to be found. Faced with the largest data leak in history, they activate an international network of journalists to follow every possible line of enquiry.

Operating for over a year in the strictest secrecy, they uncover a global elite living by a different set of rules: prime ministers, dictators, oligarchs, princelings, sports officials, big banks, arms smugglers, mafiosi, diamond miners, art dealers and celebrities. The real-life thriller behind the story of the century, The Panama Papers is an intense, pause-resisting account that blows their secret world wide open.


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